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– He ended up being called the mayor of [Children’s Healthcare Of Atlanta]. Literally everyone ended up knowing him by the end of that year. – Our celebrity now who we are interviewing, we have to welcome Dylan. (crowd cheering) – With his blood type, it was a very rare blood type, and then plus his size, being a lot smaller than the average six-year-old, just had to wait for that perfect heart. – He’s just the most joyful kid ever. He was just so easy to take care of.

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He was like, “Emma, I have something to tell you.” And I was like, “What, Dylan?” And he was like, “I think I’m in love with you. Do you want to get married?” And I was like, “Sure, why not?” He gave me a pipe cleaner engagement ring, a mom made it for me. I keep it on my badge still to this day. – I remember it was 7:30/7 in the morning, and doctors came in and woke me up. And there was a doctor that I had never seen before. This has to be some type of good news.


(bell ringing) (crowd cheering) It was an amazing feeling like, in that year, we had built a lot of close relationships with a lot of the nurses and staff members. So just being able to ring that bell and get those last hugs, it was, it was a really touching moment. – This is a six-year-old boy that deserves to be out playing with his friends and be home with his family. And to see that really long year come to completion and him have his new heart and celebrate with his family, was incredible. It is the most incredible thing to just see him being a normal kid. Like a few weeks ago, she sent a picture of him baking a cake, and I was like, that’s what he deserves!

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