Los Angeles issues unprecedented order to ambulances amid overwhelming COVID-19 cases | JPNN.us

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turn now to the pandemic the coronavirus is now threatening to plunge the nation’s hospitals even deeper into crisis as that highly contagious uk variant is now reported in at least a fifth state here in the u.s and the numbers tonight a record 128 thousand covet patients are in hospitals across this country this evening in l.a county patients are waiting hours outside emergency rooms and some paramedics ambulance crews have been told now not to bring trauma victims who have little chance of surviving if they can’t be revived in a certain amount of time do not bring them to the er the u.s is now averaging 2600 deaths a day more than 356 thousand lives have been lost and a number of hurdles remain in the vaccine rollout across this country seniors this image today lining up in palm beach florida these lines for hours and this was just to make an appointment to get the vaccine and tonight as i mentioned now georgia reporting that case of the uk varian this is the fifth state where it’s now been found they expect it in several more here’s our chief national correspondent matt guppin with each new patient delivered to the doors of an er tonight the health system spirals deeper into crisis l.a county now issuing an alarming order to ambulances trauma such as gunshot car crash or cardiac arrest victims who cannot be revived after 10 minutes in the field should be considered dead and not transported to a hospital this is absolutely a form of county-wide triage this is what they call crisis medicine and this is something that any healthcare provider or first responder this is our kind of our worst nightmare does this ever happen in the history of l.a it has not that crash of covet patients has log-jammed ambulances at ers some waiting as long as eight hours to get patients admitted others turned away i’ve never heard of emergency departments literally refusing to accept ambulance patients saying we have no more room go somewhere else tonight a record 128 thousand patients in hospitals with a 26 percent spike in the last month arizona with the highest rate of infections in the country patients driving as far as six hours to find an open icu bed i consider myself lucky that they just have me on oxygen tonight that vaccine rollout continues to sputter in palm beach florida this line for seniors stretching for hours just to schedule an appointment and in daytona beach seniors waiting overnight it is a combination of difficult frustrating and rewarding if you get it about 4.5 million vaccinations administered not even a quarter of the goal of 20 million vaccine reluctance remains a hurdle new york city reporting 30 percent of health care workers turned down the opportunity to get a dose in texas pediatrician dr nira bhutani died on saturday she was three weeks shy of getting her vaccine and it would have saved her life in california funeral homes now using refrigerator trucks they have six times the usual number of bodies unable to keep up one mortician telling abc news he’s advising families to buy ice to keep bodies cold the reality of the surge setting in i didn’t know where i’ve asked i should have i didn’t i believe this was just a flu chuck stacy is making this emotional plea from his florida hospital bed you don’t want to end up like me i’m having trouble breathing just wear a mask do it for your children for your loved ones do it for yourself david just to return to the vaccine for a moment there was a proposal to split the moderna vaccine in half effectively doubling the doses the fda tapping the brakes on that saying much more research needs to be done david matt guppiner thanks to you hi everyone george stephanopoulos here thanks for checking out the abc news youtube channel if you’d like to get more videos show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our channel and don’t forget to download the abc news app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching

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