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it’s election day in georgia and more than 3 million people have already cast their ballots as the last voters head to the polls to decide two races that could determine the control of the united states senate democrats need to win both of those races in georgia to get to a 50-50 tie in the senate that would make vice president-elect kamala harris the deciding vote there but president trump still seems more focused on the presidential election he lost last night he held a rally for senate candidates kelly lefler and david perdue but instead he spoke primarily about tomorrow’s electoral count issuing a message to vice president pence will preside over the joint session of congress i hope mike pence comes through for us i have to tell you i hope that our great vice president our great vice president comes through for us he’s a great guy of course if he doesn’t come through i won’t like him quite as much another trump rally is set for this afternoon in washington d.c protesters are already gathering there at freedom plaza ahead of the event before congress meets to certify joe biden’s victory in electoral college tomorrow vice president pence does not have the power to overturn the presidential election and we’ll take a deeper look at that in a moment but we begin today with the latest on those critical georgia runoff elections white house correspondent rachel scott joins me from atlanta now with more rachel these races are neck and neck right now what are the candidates doing to try to get out the vote with just a few hours left yeah diane and both sides really expecting this to be really some tight runoff races here the stakes just could not be higher republicans are calling this their last line of defense and democrats say what happens here in georgia will determine the course of joe biden’s presidency so republicans do know sources that i’ve talked to today with both of those campaigns say that they expect the democratic turnout in early voting to be higher that’s what we saw in the general election back in november but they are hoping that their base does turn out on election day which of course is today so that’s why you saw the president here last night making that last minute push for his base to get out to the polls we also were with democratic candidate john ossoff today as he headed to a polling place meeting with voters and talking about the base that democrats have now been working for years to build to seize on this moment take a listen look this is the culmination of many years of work and struggle a decade of organizing much of this work led by stacey abrams to register voters mobilize communities empower the people to participate but decades of work that is the tradition the tradition of john lewis the tradition of civil rights activism the tradition of expansion of voting rights and equal justice for all that georgia democrats are carrying forward right now yeah and so much of that has been focused on making sure black voters turn out to the polls and vote and not just here in atlanta but really further out that’s why you saw senator kamala harris now the vice president-elect campaigning here over the weekend encouraging people to get out and vote at a drive in a rally and such a big issue in these last final hours has also been just the economy and stimulus checks we know this is something that has been ravaged by the pandemic and democrats really hitting the republicans in this race hard on flip-flopping on that issue of those stimulus checks going from six hundred dollars to two thousand dollars ossoff telling me today that he says that he spoke with president-elect joe biden last night and if these two democrats can concern that can secure this race he is promising that those two thousand dollar stimulus checks will get through in congress rachel it’s terry you’ve been on the ground there in georgia reporting there what’s the feel what are you hearing from voters yeah we have been traveling more than 500 miles across the state in the final days of this election and it’s really interesting we saw president trump yesterday come to the 14th congressional district and when you look at the voters who have turned out early to vote here that 14 congressional district is the second to worst voting turnout for republicans for a conservative district and so you saw president trump trying to rally up his base but his repeated false claims that this election was rigged that it was stolen that these runoff races are illegal and invalid has some of his supporters on the fence about voting georgia’s election officials have been speaking publicly in the last few days debunking false claims and trying to shore up confidence in the election process have you heard of any issues at polling places so far today and we know president trump diane did tweet today about an issue he did claim the secretary of state that office firing back saying that there has really been a few issues that none of the voting has stopped here the waiting times at all of these polling locations have been minimal and so they are saying that everything is going smoothly so far so good hi everyone george stephanopoulos here thanks for checking out the abc news youtube channel if you’d like to get more videos show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our channel and don’t forget to download the abc news app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching

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