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well as we’ve heard the uh covet threat is to be raised to the highest level five across the uk following a warning from all four chief medical officers that the health services are at risk of being overwhelmed within three weeks with coronavirus cases continue to rise rapidly driven by the new variant of the virus the number of covid19 patients in hospitals across the uk is also increasing sharply our health editor hugh pim has the latest for us on the front line of a major london hospital today here at saint george’s staff say it’s exceptionally busy after a big increase in admissions of covid patients over the weekend they’ve been struck by the number requiring oxygen support and that’s meant doubling capacity for oxygen supplies which is no easy matter we have had several whole families admitted quite a lot of those people haven’t been older older people they haven’t been people with lots of medical problems they have been young and fit people who have been themselves shocked at how and well they’ve got and how quickly they’ve become unwell annabelle’s whole family was struck by the virus she and her mother maria were struggling to breathe and were admitted to leicester royal infirmary they were brought together in intensive care but less than 24 hours later maria died yes literally just tore my family into tiny pieces i i understand everyone’s situation is different and we all are at different points in our lives but just to take a moment to put yourself in my shoes and if that would make you perhaps rethink what you’re gonna do that day london hospitals are under extreme pressure and it’s the same in other areas of southern england in the south east total covered patient numbers in hospitals are now well above where they were at the peak last april and it’s a similar story in the east of england with patient numbers rising rapidly in recent weeks the chief executive of the countess of chester hospital said 40 of beds were occupied by covid patients and stressed there was a problem affecting more areas than just london community leaders in cumbria meanwhile warned that the situation was getting worse it’s extremely serious the risk to the hospitals in the north is quite severe at the moment they have more coronavirus patients in the hospitals than they have ever had in some parts of london virus cases as a proportion of the population have gone up 25 in a week that’s why hospitals like this one are under increasing strain and at a time when there are higher levels of staff sickness and those needing to self-isolate things could get even tougher in the weeks ahead hugh pim bbc news hugh pim is here we’ve been talking about the measures here but it’s worth reminding viewers at this point before these come into force now in many areas um what’s led to this the state of affairs that’s led to this well hugh the uk’s four chief medical officers have made it abundantly clear that without some sort of action the nhs in their own words in some parts of the country would simply be overwhelmed in three weeks time and just looking at some of the figures that underlines that message in england we haven’t had figures for other parts of the uk yet for today more than 26 and a half thousand people are in hospitals in england with kovid 19 up 3 000 in just three days and up nearly a third in a week and remember these are people who first got the virus maybe two weeks ago and then unfortunately for them have ended up seriously in hospital the current case increases we’re saying seeing newly reported cases up by 50 week on week some of them will become seriously ill sadly but that won’t come through into hospitals for another couple of weeks that’s the pressure already in the system and lockdowns will take a little time as well to take effect so hopefully as last year march april lockdowns will bring down the case numbers but with this new variant some experts are saying tonight we can’t be totally sure how long that’ll take okay you once again many thanks

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