Georgia Senate candidate Ossoff: ‘Make a plan to vote and be apart of history’ |

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it’s election day in georgia where two runoffs will decide which party controls the u.s senate president trump is urging georgians to get out and vote for republicans david perdue and kelly lefler on twitter but at a rally last night he was more focused on his own election loss repeating false claims that republican election officials in georgia have debunked abc’s elwin lopez joins me now from atlanta with more ellen where do things stand right now in these races in georgia yeah diane so a festive theme here at this polling location in fulton county it is the largest county in the state and polls are virtually tied democrats have showed up in high numbers in early voting especially in vote by mail and democrat jon ossoff visited a polling location today and here’s what he had to say georgia voters have never had more power than they have right now today to make history and so if you are still awaiting that trip to the polls if you still haven’t gone and cast your ballot if you’re in georgia right now make a plan to vote as long as you are there by 7 pm your vote will be counted and you can be part of history that was on gma 3 today he also spoke at a polling location here nearby in fulton county and it’s also important to point out that republicans show up in high numbers on election day but it could be days until we have the final results diane and ellen we can hear the music playing in the background what are you hearing from voters there on the ground what’s the vibe like there today well i can tell you this it is definitely festive and before the doors even opened here there are more than a dozen people waiting in line a lot of voters saying that they are just happy to be able to vote in the special election and it is so important for them to turn out today not only because they received like myself a ton of texts phone calls and mail but just because they believe it is especially important now take a listen i just felt it was my civic duty to to let my voice be heard i hope that people just see how how much it how important it is to vote in every single election and i think that’s that’s been the statement so so far is that you know elections are important they matter it’s important for everyone’s voice to be heard georgians understand that the stakes here are high already more than 3 million people voted ahead of today that is double early turnout from 2018.

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