New Breast Cancer Treatment and Therapies 2020 |

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New Breast Cancer Treatment and Therapies 2020

Treatment for breast cancer is always changing. This year of 2020 the medic world welcomes new breast cancer treatment and therapies. Recent treatments are more focused to alter cancer while still able to maintain life quality. Recently therapeutic options even emerging to treat breast cancer in stage or metastatic breast static which improves the cancer survival rate.

New treatments

These are some new treatments that are recently approved to be used a breast cancer treatment:

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1. To treat postmenopausal women and men who have a certain type of metastatic cancer in the breast Alpelisib is used combined with fulvestrant. This drug is approved in May this year by the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S. the drug act as an inhibitor which preventing the tumor cells to grow. However to take this kind of medicine you need to first take a test to find out if the cancer is the specific type it can treat.

2. Approved in October 2018, talazoparib is used to treat advanced HER2-negative cancer. This drug works by inhibiting PARP (poly ADP-ribose). This means that the drug is making the cancer cells hard to survive the damage in the DNA.

3. Even though trastuzumab has been used in years as a treatment for breast cancer, a new formulation of it has been approved by the FDA recently. New breast cancer treatment combining the trastuzumab with hyaluronidase which an enzyme that helps your body to use trastuzumab. Using a hypodermic needle, the formulation is injected into the skin. It is approved to treat breast cancer either the metastatic or non-metastatic one.

4. March 2019 is the time when FDA approved atezoluzimab, a new type of drug. Working to help the immune to attack the cells of cancer, it is also called immunotherapy.

5. Though it is not something new, the biosimilar has changed the perspective of breast cancer treatment. Think about generic drugs, biosimilars are the copies of biologic drugs, complex molecules in which inside contains materials that are living. The product should show no significant differences from the reference products. The plus side is that biosimilars are cheaper than branded reference products.

New therapies

Besides new breast cancer treatments, some recent therapies emerge. The first is HDAC (Histone deacetylase) inhibitor which works by blocking the enzymes in cancer’s growth path.Then there are therapies of CAR-T cell, this one types of immunotherapy. Cancer vaccines are also given as a helper to the immune system in fighting cancer cells.

Treatments therapies and drugs for breast cancer are all included in the breast cancer treatment guidelines. Different mutations and stages in cancer require different types of treatments, and your doctor surely knows which best.

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